Monday, 14 August 2017

Happy holidays

Here's hoping that the weather is kind to you.
This painting 'Pulling my socks off, running in'..  is one of my memories of being by the sea and being in such a rush to get into the water. I hope you enjoy my painting and that this time of year brings back good memories for you.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Traveling and finding sculptures to inspire

Having returned from a wonderful trip and now pouring over the photos, I am particularly drawn to the imagination and skill of the sculptures at 'Raganu Kalnas' near Juodkrante. The Hill of Witches is an outdoor sculpture gallery near JuodkrantÄ—, Lithuania.
There are many sculptures there one even better than the next.
If you are ever near there do go and visit.
Please see my pictures below.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Regatta and art 2017

I was honoured with one of my paintings being put on the front cover of the Goring and Streatley Regatta program. This painting inspired by light falling on water, I donated to help raise money for the Goring Gap Boat Club. It went into a silent auction and helped raise funds towards the new boat house. Well done lucky winner...whoever you are.
It was a shame about the rain but hey.
Also at the regatta I ran an art table for children (and adults!) to have a creative moment...lovely to see how absorbed children can get. Creativity at it's best. Here's to more creative moments.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Cushions' homes..individual style..

I am so delighted that my art cushions have been arriving at their homes. Everyone's home has a different style and feel, so it is so lovely to see how my cushions are taking part in that scenario. I have just been sent pictures...the cushions looking so good! but all different! let me know if you would like one of my paintings on a cushion for your home.